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Why Choose Lora?

Not only are you selecting a multi-skilled professional, you’re also gaining a solid partner who will provide you what you want and need.

You're Not Just Hiring "a Designer".

I've got serious skills.

I have almost a decade’s worth of wide-spread design experience. I’ve worked in-house for higher education, I freelance for small businesses and organizations, and I contract for marketing agencies. My portfolio ranges from branding, digital and print, to web and UI/UX design.

In addition to my design experience, my soft skills truly set me apart. I’ve worked alongside administrators, faculty and staff, marketers, business and agency owners, etc. Despite their varied personalities, needs and interests, my method of interaction with them is always the same and always successful: I’m responsive; I’m courteous; and I’m honest; and this allows me to gain their trust time and again.

I'm a thoughtful and decent human.

It’s simple: I treat my clients and coworkers the way I wanted to be treated. I value kindness and responsiveness myself, so I’m going to exhibit these qualities when I’m working with you. If you send me a request, it’s not going to get lost in the ether, and I’m not going to wait over a day to respond to it. I won’t flake out when your deadlines approach, and I’m going to be honest with you by setting clear expectations.

I'm unflappable under pressure.

Many people find it unpleasant and difficult to keep up when workloads increase and deadlines become tight. When I commit to providing deliverables by a certain date, I do whatever it takes to make that happen. I also maintain constant communication so that my clients and colleagues know exactly what’s happening with the project. Lastly, I don’t let chaos affect the quality of my work. Regardless of any time crunch, I’m going to ensure that deliverables are beautiful and error-free.

My Design Services

You deserve a unique and memorable logo for the face of your business! Along with this, I’ll provide you a branding system you’ll be able to follow easily so that your brand stays cohesive throughout all materials.

Let’s tell your brand’s story while maximizing leads with effective digital marketing. I’m going to amplify your ad spend with great design for display ad networks and social media.

Do you have an event approaching, or are you ready to tell the world about your excellent products and services? I’ll help you make a visual splash by ensuring that your print materials stand out from the crowd.

Your website is the front door to your world. From front-end website redesigns to landing pages sure to entice leads right to your site, you’ll be confident that your curb appeal is at its best.

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