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Design Services

Why Hire Lora?

Because you’re not just hiring a designer, you’re gaining a partner who is a skilled professional, creative and friendly, and someone who will provide you what you want and need.

I'll provide you consistent communication throughout the design process.

All of my projects start and end with clear expectations. I talk with my clients regularly, and I provide them design proofs to review well in advance of their deadlines. This ensures accuracy and that their visions are being carried through, and it also alleviates misunderstandings. Deliverables are then high-quality, error-free, and submitted by or before the dates my clients need them.

My Design Services

You deserve a unique and memorable logo for the face of your business! Along with this, I’ll provide you a branding system you’ll be able to follow easily so that your brand stays cohesive throughout all materials.

Let’s tell your brand’s story while maximizing leads with effective digital advertising. I’m going to amplify your ad spend with great design for display ad networks and social media.

Do you have an event approaching, or are you ready to tell the world about your excellent products and services? I’ll help you make a visual splash by ensuring that your print materials stand out from the crowd.

Your website is the front door to your world. Whether you need a complete website or just a landing page, I can help you design it so that your curb appeal is at its best.

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