Marketing Designer

Lora Steele-Hicks

About the Designer

Lora Steele-Hicks is a Wyoming-based marketing designer. She specializes in branding, digital advertising, print and website design.

Who I Am

I’m a Wyoming native and as much as I like my space, I value my ties with the people I trust and hold closest. You won’t find me at large get-togethers or airing my news and opinions over social media. Instead, I’ll be on a nature hike with my husband or lying on the living room floor giving head massages to my rabbits. I’m the person my colleagues trust to carry the task to completion with a smile on my face and kindness in my actions.

My Design Work History

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design while working full-time as an office associate for the University of Wyoming. Prior to graduation, I took on freelance graphic design gigs for local businesses and organizations, which is something I still do today. Following graduation, I worked four years as UW’s marketing design specialist. In 2019, I was ready to jump into remote work as a contractor. Today, I’m a contracted digital marketing designer.

Lora Steele-Hicks, marketing designer

Why You're Going to Love Working With Me

I'm a Problem-Solver.

I relish the process of discovering my clients’ needs and designing creative solutions to achieve their goals. If there’s a skill or specific platform required that I’m unfamiliar with, I’m going to study tutorials and teach myself what is needed to execute the task. I also thrive in deadline-driven environments, and I welcome change because it means I am learning and improving.

I Love to Collaborate.

I don’t have an ego. I believe that transparency and decency are the keys to building trust, and I exhibit these qualities in my interactions. I respect the ideas and opinions of others when it comes to crafting a visual message that will resonate with the masses. A great designer knows that collaborative feedback makes any design stronger and more effective. 

I Don't Flake Out.

All of my projects start and end with clear expectations through open communication and professional ongoing support. I’m highly responsive, and I supply design proofs well in advance of deadlines to ensure accuracy and minimize errors. My deliverables are high-quality, error-free, and submitted before my clients’ deadlines.

Interested In Working Together?

In case you're wondering,

"Why Rabbits?"

As a Little Girl

I loved all animals, but I was especially fond of rabbits. In primary school, I was often found hiding under tables, hopping around wrinkling and unwrinkling my nose. When asked what I was doing, I’d say, “I’m a bunny today!”

As an Adult

My husband and I have two lop-eared house rabbits. Our tiny male is a total diva, and our larger female is a sweetie pie. Despite their differing personalities, they are best snuggle buddies, and they fill our home with a ton of joy and laughter.

Lora at age six holding two baby bunnies