What is Red Shirt Friday?

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What is “Red Shirt Friday”?

SVO t-shirt design for Red Shirt Friday

A Way to Show Support for Their Service

If you’re like me, then Red Shirt Fridays are unknown to you, even though you probably have a relative or two who has served in the military. The act of wearing a red shirt on Fridays serves to honor our veterans and the service they’ve given our country, regardless of whether or not we support the war. Because I have both a grandfather and sibling who have served my country, I can totally get on board with showing my appreciation.

Last month, I had the privilege to work with the Student Veterans Organization at the University of Wyoming. I designed their logo as well as their promotional t-shirt. And in doing so, I’ve realized why it’s important to occasionally switch out my brown and gold UW attire for red on Fridays!

Full-color Student Veterans Organization logos:

SVO logo blog image