The Big Reveal: What in the Sam Hill?

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The Big Reveal: What in the Sam Hill?

And the Winner is…

Larraine Fairbanks (who also happens to be my mother and the daughter of the man who inspired this hand-lettered illustration)! And NO, the contest wasn’t rigged; she just wanted it really badly and was relentless in hounding friends to subscribe. In fact, she was neck-in-neck last night with another contestant. But amazingly, with only about an hour left in the competition, a massive group of people began signing up for her, and she was cannon-blasted well into the lead. Congrats, Mom

So What Happens Next?

As some of you know, last December my family pooled together around 30 phrases commonly uttered by my grandparents. We all voted on our top five favorites, and I have been working to hand-letter the phrases throughout the year. This particular phrase is the fourth in the series, and I will complete the fifth next month. At that time, I will reveal to all of you the entire, completed series. And at Christmas, I will present the illustrations as framed prints to my Grandparents (who are, I think, completely unaware)!

Thank you to all who participated, and WELCOME to my new blog subscribers! …and Happy Halloween!

What in the Sam Hill hand-lettered phrase