Postmodern and Proud

Postmodern and Proud

The Fallacy of Originality

A common misconception when it comes to art creation is that a truly original piece is the result of something that has never been conceived of or done before. The truth is that it’s near impossible to create something 100% unique. We all have a zillion things that contribute to our frames of reference and influence the ways in which we interpret our world. Therefore, it’s rare that any of us has an idea that someone else hasn’t already thought up. But that’s NOT A BAD THING.

What’s Old is New

Postmodernism is a current art movement that recognizes/honors what has already been done and strives to “make the old new again”. For example, there’s a huge trend right now to refurbish household items, giving them fresh life rather than discarding them for something brand new. It seems wasteful to throw away something that is perfectly functional; not to mention the fact that it’s so much cooler to own something that already has a story behind it! These same principles apply to postmodern art.


Those of us who create do so from inspiration. Something as simplistic as a walk in the park to exhaustively reading multiple texts pertaining to one subject can serve to inform a successful work of art. I will not jump onto the computer until I’ve doused myself in research and imagery, made various sketches, walked away from my project to gain fresh perspective, and then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. It’s a tedious routine and it’s not for everyone, but an uninspired process produces uninspired results.

Postmodernism in Action

Many of my hand-lettered phrases come to me out of the blue (although nothing is really “out of the blue” since our thoughts are a fusion of personal experiences), and make me laugh out loud. If I’ve determined that one is illustration-worthy, I research the idea to gain an understanding for its origin and meaning, and then I seek visual inspiration.

My most recent design combines my nostalgia for 90’s music and appreciation for my adopted hometown of Laramie, WY. I referenced specific song lyrics (If you can’t place the song, click on the image.), and I explored downtown Laramie imagery, as well as 19th Century type specimens and advertisements. The result is something new created from items of old, containing a little research, history, and pieces of myself.