The Comeback That’s Sure to Make an Impact

The story behind “Ditto Cabbagehead” is legendary in my household. It goes like this: My older sister had fallen victim to name-calling on grade school grounds. She didn’t know how to respond, but she knew that she wanted the behavior to stop. Always the believer that one must take the high road, my grandmother dismissed everyone’s suggested name-calling counters because they made my sister “no better than the name-callers”. When asked what she would do, Grandma replied, “I’d just say, ‘Ditto Cabbagehead.’ That way, anything they say is thrown right back at them.”

We didn’t contain our laughter, and to no one’s surprise (except maybe my grandmother’s), my sister did not use the comeback. We have recalled and laughed about this on many occasions. To this day, we use this phrase as a term of endearment among family members.

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