Grandparents’ Phrases were a Success!

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Grandparents’ Phrases were a Success!

Mission Accomplished

After a long morning of plane rides (one of them being especially terrifying and leaving me nauseated but thankful to be alive), and a fun-filled afternoon with my sisters, mother and aunt, it was time to head down to my grandparents’ to present the phrases. When we arrived, my grandparents were characteristically eager for us to begin a game of Mexican Train, but Mom, Aunt Sharon and I asked them to give us about 15 minutes beforehand. We raced downstairs, hurriedly removed the printed phrases from my suitcase, and placed each in a frame and its own gift bag. We marched up the stairs, each holding a gift bag or two, and lined them up on my grandparents’ game table. I stood across from my grandparents and asked them to take a seat. My aunt stood next to me with her cell phone ready to document the moment, and my mother stood beside my grandparents to assist as needed while they opened their gifts.

What transpired next is documented in photos below. I hope you all enjoy…

Frank and Donna anticipate the gift bags
Frank and Donna listen intently as I explain that what lies within each bag
is something I’ve created for them throughout the year.

Grandparents opening the first phrase
They open the first gift and smile
as they recognize the illustrated phrase within the frame.

Lora explaining the meaning of each phrase
After each gift that they open, I read them the story of the design behind the phrase.

Laughing at the phrases
Laughter and smiles escalate with each phrase that is revealed. At one point, my grandfather has us all in stitches as he reads the “Frank!” phrase with inflection in his voice, just as intended by its design.

My grandparents and I presenting the phrases
I will forever remember this Christmas with my grandparents. And without the help of my mom and my aunt Sharon, I know this experience would not have been nearly as memorable. Thank you, and I love you all.