Graphic and Web Design; Hand-Lettering

Who is the Woman Behind Dual Rabbit Design?

Lora Steele-Hicks: graphic designer who fixates on contrast and harmony

She decorates her home with eclectic items that must work together functionally and visually. She finds the challenge in pairing feminine and masculine items exciting. Her work as a marketer energizes her social side, while her lettering projects bolster her personal creativity.

Because of Two Little Rabbits

Lora owes the inspiration for Dual Rabbit Design to her rabbits, Gracie and Haas. They were complete opposites in personality, mannerisms, body type, etc. Their lop ears were just about the only things they shared in common. Yet, despite their contrasting characteristics, they eventually embraced each other’s differences, created a kinship, and became a bonded pair.

Personal Sentiment:

“It’s the duality in all situations that makes life interesting.”

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Lora Steele-Hicks

Bunny-lover from the very start