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I'm a Wyoming-based graphic designer specializing in print, digital, marketing and web design.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design and am certified in web design. In my spare time, I enjoy illustrating phrases that hold sentimental value to me.

Lora Steele-Hicks, graphic designer specializing in branding, digital and print design


I’m a problem-solver who relishes the process of discovering my clients’ needs and designing creative solutions to achieve their goals. I am open, collaborative and responsive, because I believe that transparency and decency are the keys to building trust. I thrive in deadline-driven environments, and I welcome change because it means I am learning and improving.


As a multi-skilled designer, I create striking brand identities, eye-catching print and digital collateral, and beautifully functional websites. I have a passion for creative presence, expressed through design media that instantly and accurately communicates the correct message to its viewers.


All of my projects start and end with clear expectations through open communication and professional ongoing support. I’m highly responsive, and I supply design proofs well in advance of deadlines. This ensures accuracy and minimizes errors. Deliverables are then creative and beautiful, free of errors, and submitted by or before the dates my clients need them.


Freelance Graphic & Web Designer (2012-present)

Since 2012, I’ve worked as a freelance graphic and web designer for small businesses located in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. I’ve had the privilege of designing brand identities, print collateral and websites for people who contribute great things to their communities.

In-House Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist (2015-2019)

For the past four years, I’ve served the University of Wyoming as an in-house marketing and design specialist. I created the enrollment collateral for the UW Office of Admissions, and I designed print and digital marketing materials for various departments, including UWYO Abroad and International Students and Scholars.

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As a little girl...
I loved all animals, but rabbits were my jam. I could be found in primary school hiding under tables wrinkling and unwrinkling my nose. When asked what I was doing, I responded, “I’m a bunny today!”


My husband and I have two, lop-eared house rabbits. Our tiny male Holland lop is a total diva, and our larger female mini lop is a sweetie pie. Their opposing personalities bring us such joy and keep our household hopping. (Sorry; I couldn’t resist the bun pun.)

Lora at age six holding two baby bunnies

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