Graphic Design & Hand-Lettering
Lora Steele-Hicks

A bunny lady from the very start

Who is the Woman Behind Dual Rabbit Design?

Lora Steele-Hicks: Bunny Lady & Super Knitter

Lora is based in Wyoming and specializes in graphic design and hand-lettering. By day, Lora is a marketing and design specialist for the University of Wyoming’s Institutional Marketing team. By night, when she’s not snuggling her bunnies or knitting a cowl, she’s creating hand-lettered artwork.

Inspired by Two Little Rabbits

Dual Rabbit Design was inspired by Lora’s rabbits, Gracie and Haas. They were complete opposites in personality, mannerisms, body type, etc. (Their lop ears were just about the only things they shared in common.) Despite their differences, they created a kinship and became a bonded pair. Much like her rabbits, Lora’s projects are strongest when they’ve combined contrasting elements.

Personal Sentiment:

“It’s the duality in all situations that makes life interesting.”